Monday, 30 April 2007

Should we be nice??

We all want to be the best person that we can.
We were all taught well by our parents
They tried their best to mould us into someone "different".
Someone great.
Someone they can be proud of
And someone that they can tell their friends about.

I realised that not everyone had that great opportunity.
Some had lost a parent while some had lost both;
Along the way or even from the very beginning.
Some had not been given enough love
While some have had bad experiences during their childhood.

Above it all, we all have one goal
We are all STILL thriving to be best that we can be in every aspect of life.

I used to be taught to be cautious when I was younger.
I got into a huge mess because I spoke too freely.
It involved all parties including my friends.
I was warned and I realised from then on I should be more careful when I speak

It must be the competitive life I once had.
Things that were said among my colleagues were sometimes doubtful.
I am not judging anyone, because I am the same, if not worse.

After I left that sort of life, I learnt how to be more trusting
I learnt how to tell the truth.
To respect people
To give them the benefit of the doubt
Because everyone deserves a chance to be trusted
Because everyone deserves a chance to correct the mistakes that were once made

As years passed, I met more and more people.
Life is getting more and more complicated again

Everything that you do is being watched
Every mistake that you make will be remembered and be talked about
Every good deed that you do will be remembered but NOT talked about
People tend to remember the bad and disregard the good
People tend to believe what others think about that person
Even when they do not want to do so
We have to admit we DO get affected by the gossip that goes around
Do not feel bad
It is only human to judge people when we see or hear things about them
Everyone analyses and sadly, most of the time we are influenced by our peers

I realise that we cannot change how people perceive us
I realise we cannot always get affected by what people say
I realise we have to understand that not everyone is sensitive
I also realise that not everyone admires sensitivity

Know that it is alright not to be nice all the time
We are only human, and we make mistakes
Know that if we were judged wrongly at the first impression
We should try to better ourselves
Know that if we were judged wrongly the second time
We should try harder to better ourselves
Know that if they continue letting the past judge you
We should just better ourselves without hoping for them to change their perception
But remember, do NOT at any one point feel inadequate
Because we are only human

I always want to be at my best in all circumstances
I try hard to be someone nice.
Someone who is well liked
It takes a lot of effort in an unknown land
Maybe I am just not ‘naturally’ nice

Many times it drains me seeing the effort unbalanced by appreciation
Many times I would want to give up trying
Many times I feel that all the trouble is not worth it

But many times I was proven wrong
I have always been blessed with the presence of good company
I may have people not liking me
But I still have some close friends who are there
People that I know would stick by me through thick and thin
People who care about what is going on in my life
People who care to call or to message
People who spare a moment to think about me
Those are the people I live for
Because, at the end of the day, it is not about how many acquaintances u have
But it is about how many true friends you have

All in all
Do not stop being nice because some people do not appreciate it
You might one day change someone’s life just by being nice
A few kind words is all it takes
A little time spent for a friend is all it takes

Thank you for being that friend of mine
For being there
For the kind words
And for sparing those precious time of yours
I appreciate it all

Thank you...

P/S : This is just a token of my appreciation to all my friends who have been there for me. Names need not be mentioned. Surely, you know who you are... :P

Friday, 27 April 2007

游鴻明 - 樓下那個女人

Lian Shang Ling Yi Ge Ren - You Hong Ming

Him again... Not as cute as Jay Chou ler :p But still damn good...

Di Yi Qian Ge Zuo Ye

I think he is second best after Jay Chou!!!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

MADtv - Grey's Anatomy / House M.D. Crossover Parody

This is sooo funny , people... Enjoy... Wahahha...

Monday, 23 April 2007

My birthday celebration...

It was indeed one of the best celebrations ever...
I spent the whole day with S. We did not do anything fancy but the company was all it took to make my day. Went prezzie shopping in the morning. S got me something really nice. Then we went for lunch in Jimmy Chung's. The food was quite good. Later in the evening, we went to Victoria park to have a wee walk (accompanied by Coca Cola :p)How much greater can it get..
We then went for coffee in the Monkey House.. I really like that place.. Not because I am a monkey or anything.. The ambience and the coffee.. My goodness.. the mocha was amazing.. Then we went for a couple of pool games.. Lost to S, 1-5 in just an hour.. I was really rubbish.. Not to say that he is really good or anything.. I think he was just lucky.. I potted the white ball after potting the black, also potted the black in the middle of the game.. sigh... think I am not skillful enough ler.. Maybe I shall retire from playing pool..
We rushed home because we were suppose to go to Five for dinner. S made reservation at 8.40pm. I was told to hurry and I quickly went home to change. S knocked on my room and told me that Shal baked me a cake. I went to the kitchen and there were so many people there. They sang the birthday song and I stood there, looking at everyone *blink blink... And just remained speechless for a moment..
All 10 juniors , my housemates, some seniors, one engineer and some of our batchmates were just looking at me.. they too, *blink blink...Then , I said, "Thank you, Thank you", in my usually mengada way...That broke the silence... A bit dramatic ler.. This is a blog.. hahhahaha..

Shalini did the most things, I was told.. She ACTUALLY cleaned the kitchen and placed the table in the corner and nicely arranged packets of crisps on it. Not only that.. She BAKED me a very very very nice cake... Sob sob... So touched ler.. She wasn't proud of her cake though, but she somehow kept reminding me that she arranged the packets of crisps on the table.. I guess that must be one of those things she doesn't do all that often.. or not at all... Yey!! *applause *applause

Adeline and A made sandwiches for everyone... Bravo...

Shal and Adeline got me Oceanus products!!

Herbert blew the balloons and decorated the kitchen. He got me 1.5L wine. It was really nice. Thank you very much

The seniors: YK, WM, TH, YS - Thank you so much for coming. YS made a very nice chicken dish.:P

The juniors : All ten of them came. BH made some garlic chicken.. And it tasted really good too. Thank you so much for making the effort to come.
Jason came too. Thanks for coming. And thanks for your Body Shop products prezzie!!

Sarah's presence was a surprise!!! She did not stay for long because she needed to get to work. Thank you for your body shimmer lotion. And I appreciate it so much that you came.

HS, NJ, JH, E and M are people from our year.. Thanks for coming too!! Thanks for bringing food.. and also SS, A, and SM, thanks for the ice cream that all 3 of u made. It was really nice...

Apart from that, I went out the day before with a friend of mine, S. Thank you so much for the nice lunch and the prezzie.. It is really beautiful

Also, my family... Thanks for the prezzies too.. They were really beautiful

Last but not least, thank you, Sam. I know you put in a lot of effort and I really enjoyed yesterday. I do not think I could ask for more. It was definitely one of the best birthdays I have ever had.. And one thing for sure.. You definitely lie very well.. Keeping a straight face the whole day.. You definitely succeeded in fooling me.. But I really appreciate everything...

And to everyone who was not around... thank you so much for all the messages that was left on friendster, all the smses, all the calls, those who wished me in my yak yak board and also all the emails.. Thank you so much... It would have been nice to have all of u here...

If u realised.. The prezzies I got yesterday seemed to be perfume, body shampoo, moisturiser, feet scrub and all the shower thingy.. I think I must be quite stinky because everyone seems to feel the same way about me. Getting me something that I could use to make me smell good.. I will use them k? Hopefully next time I won't be so stinky anymore..

To all my friends, near and far....
Thank you so much for being such a great friend to me. Different people were there at different times of my life. There is no one person that was there for me throughout my life (of course ler...oh, except for my family). However, I just wanna let all of you know that even in that short period of time we got to know each other, I appreciate what we had. Each moment spent will be cherished forever. Thanks for being there for me when I needed someone most
Anyway, all I want to say is, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have great friends like all of u..

love ya all sooooooo much!!!
Thank you everyone for making yesterday such a memorable day!!!

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Friday, 20 April 2007


It has been a long 4 months without any breaks. We will now have 1 week ?? EASTER break when everyone else has finished theirs. Oh well, weird university for weird people.. and yes, that includes all of you in the Fat Flat... It has been about 2 weeks since the arrival of the 10 juniors from IMU. They all seem so fresh and happy-go-lucky... I wonder if I was like that when I first came. I mean I always try to potray myself as someone who is happy all the time because I think that it is quite rude to show people your anger and resentment because they are purely innocent (unless it is the person who pissed you off in the first place.. that will be quite legitimate). Nobody deserves that. But as 1 year has passed, I seem to care less about these things and have become more and more insensitive. I do not think it is a good thing but I was once told that I was too sensitive. I suppose this past year was definitely one of the toughest that I had gone through. Thankfully I survived. Anyway, I got side-tracked. What I meant to say is that, I felt rather old. It has been a year and now I am called a senior... Gee Wee... I am called SENIOR??? hahahaha... I am definitely not used to that... Had always been one of the youngest in everything that I did..If the juniors call us seniors, then we can call our seniors, ancestors.. That also means that in a years time, I will be their ancestor.. Wow!! I bet I will be wiser next year too!!Waahhaha....

Anyway, we have 1 week holiday!!! YEY!!!! ummmmm... but what am I gonna do??

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Greys Anatomy - Chasing Cars

Love this song so much.... Most likely due to the series ler...

Monday, 16 April 2007


Studying for exams has become a very big chore for me. It is especially disappointing when you try so hard, and yet when you try to do a few questions, it is proven that you do not know anything at all. Sigh... This coming exam should be one of the toughest exams that I ever had. And I am quite doubtful about it... I used to like to think that I am quite smart. I whisked through primary school with good results and being hardly in school at all in secondary years, I managed reasonably well. Not the full straight A's most of my colleagues had, but definitely enough to make my parents proud of me. A-levels was probably the best time I had in my life.. good company, relaxing and also it was then that I realised how much I missed studying.. It is amazing how little I knew when I first started.. My Physics, Chemistry and Biology were all quite hopeless but with the guidance of great teachers and friends, I managed to do extremely well.. Then came IMU... Studying was turning into a chore.. all the memorising, understanding and the whole broad spectrum of diseases that I had to learn just dampened my spirit. I no longer enjoy the process of studying like I used to in A-levels ( though short, still very memorable). Luckily, I still managed well... I thought that was the hardest.... Apparently, I was so wrong... I cannot remember the last time I felt so stupid.. In Aberdeen, I am now in my 4th year and I would have to agree that I learnt a lot in the practical side of things.. but when it comes to knowledge, I take time to retrieve information and many times, I might be right but too afraid to speak up, or even worse, when I speak up (bear in mind, it takes a lot for me to speak up in class) I am told that I am wrong.. Sigh... I know it is fine to make mistakes, and that is probably where we learn from.. But to make mistakes after all that hard work.... Arrghh... It is just pure disappointment...Do not get me wrong.. I love medicine.. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.. But the studying and the many disappointments on the way to the top is just so taxing and I feel that it has finally taken it's toll on me... I want to give up.. Sigh... Sob sob...

Take 3 deep breaths...

Ok, ok... Bad thoughts, bad thoughts!!! Go away!!! I think I should forget about all that nonsense and start studying.. And to all who are going to have exams soon, all the best.. and don't give up... We worked hard to get where we are.. Do not give up half way... We will all work hard towards our goal...And I think I still have 40 days to study....Jia You!!!! Gambatte!!!!

Jia you , yi wei!!! Hihihiihih... Weeeee........ Ok... Gonna go back to studying...

Sunday, 15 April 2007

M203 Cheerleading

Dear M203,

I recently saw this videoclip again.. I thought it was really quite good.. A few mistakes here and there, but I would never have expected doctors, who never had any sort of training or experience with dance, cheerleading or any form of performance to be able to perform so well.
Thank you so much for making that moment so special.
Here are the people I would have liked to thank but did not.

Yen Shi - This fellow decided that exams were far too important and ditched me to do the coaching on my own. However, she was as sweet as always as she helped me to choreograph the dance. And that was really important... And also thanks for all the constructive criticism...:p Love ya lots..

Hiang Liang - Thanks a lot for the great music and all the times when you came for the practice just to see how we were getting on. It was really nice of you to spend such a long time with us when the exam was around the corner, and to come up with such a magnificent piece..

Adrian - Thank you sooo much for being there for me at that point of time. I do not think I could have done it without your support. You also helped a lot in coaching everyone.. For this occasion, and also the whole 2 years in IMU, I thank you for all the support. I think we no longer owe each other anything.

Chye Teck - The guy whom I will never imagine taking up this sport... *snicker snicker* But you were definitely one of the most hardworking fellas... Good job..Thank you so much for compilling all the clips to produce such a great movie clip.. I know you had spent hours or days doing it.. And also, thank you so much for rushing it in time to give it to me before I left for Aberdeen...

To all the girls... Chee Shang, Evelyn, Hua Zen, Linda, Nadia, Pei Yee, Priya, Sheena, Sien Hui, Trisha


To all the guys - Arvind, Chee Wing, Cheng Hong, Chong Han, En Hsiang, Ken Rhee, Rahman, Shi Ching, TJ, Vassan and Zaiful

In my opinion, this routine would not even qualify to enter any cheerleading competition and perhaps if we did, we might not have won at all. However, this is definitely one of the best performances I have seen and done. It is because of the presence of the greatest people to work with ( easy to say now ler... at that point of time, I was probably complaining about some of u, ekekkekekeke). But it is the journey that we went through together, the practice sessions that we had, the practice session that turned into a karaoke session, the time when I fell on SC, and CT and E's classic fall... All these are the moments that I will remember for life and it were these moments that are the most touching to me... We only had about a month of practice but it was really hard work expecially when exams near... You have no idea how proud I am of all of you... And most importantly, WE WON the IMU Cheerleading competition!!!

Oh, and let's not forget about the crowd... My goodness...You M203 were the BEST crowd ever.. I do not think we could even have done it without all of you.. Thank you sooooo much........

Hope we'll keep in touch and that you are all as proud of it as much as I am. Love ya all sooo much..

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Saturday, 7 April 2007

I was tagged.... by KY

I was TAGGED by Ho Kah Yee... Not surprising... I do not even know exactly what this is. Anyway, I will stop whining and just tell you 6 weird things about me. :p. Kah Yee is absolutely right, there actually are more than 6. Hahahahha... Oh well.. Here are the points

1. I would classify my forgetfulness as severe. I cannot remember many things and it is as though I have selective memory. I find it hard to remember what I did yesterday and it declines exponentially with the number of days. I can retrieve the information only after struggling for quite a while. I blame that on my sleeping habits. I believe I snore when I sleep ( at least that's what I was told) and that might cause me to have obstructive sleep apnoea. That is my own diagnosis and I think I will stick with that umless someone comes up with a better dignosis. Why that? Well, I noticed that I always sleep during the day. It does not matter whther it is in the clinic, until I almost fell off a chair, or when I was standing in the operating theatre when I saw two images of the consultant and almost lost my balance. Hihihihi...

2. I laugh for no apparent reason or rather, smile to myself when it is inappropriate. I find myself drifting off from a conversation easily and slipping into the world of my own. Words that were used will trigger old fond memories and I would end up lingering in my thoughts

3. I think I have multiple affective disorder. I can be happy in the morning, depressed in the evening and manic at night. It varies day to day. I am generally still quite nice to my friends, but those I know better,I tend to be nastier to them. Maybe because I know you all a lot better ( so, be glad that I show temper in front of you, friend.. Hiihihihi). And thanks for still being there for me despite my horrible temper... I salute my family actually, for putting up with me.. then again, they have no choice... wahhhahhaha...

4. I like to study in my room... not because I need it to be extremely quiet, not because I need to be alone and it is not because it has better feng shui. It is mainly because I sit very awkwardly when I study and I am comfortable that way. Ummm... I do not think I shall describe it, but I would say it is quite barbaric and embarassing if someone was to see.

5. I am diagnosed with hypermotility joints. Basically I have flexible joints. It must be due to 7 years of training or maybe I was already gifted with a small part of it since birth and through training, I made them worse. That was the reason for my back injury as well. Mainly because my muscles are not strong enough to keep up with the hyperextended things I used to do. I do not think this is weird but many do. I am still normal, k?? :p Please do not label me as weird because I have flexible joints... SobSob... ( I think YS and KY will just say that I was born a monkey)... Sob sob... That's not very nice...

6. Last but not least, I myself think that I am weird. Do you think it's weird thinking that you, yourself are weird? Well, I have thought about it a couple of times because many times I do things that I refuse to think I would do or just behave quite oddly. Hmmm... I am not sure if it is abnormal or people do think that way as well... if it is abnormal, then it is weird that I think I am so... If it is normal, then it is weird to think that I am weird thinking that I am weird... So, no matter what, I am still weird... or rather.... confused???

Oh well, that's me... Sorry KY for taking such a long time to reply your tag... hihihi.... I am sure you have lots to say about that...

To the one and only...

I remember when I was younger, I used to argue with her.
I used to call her every night just to tell her about my long day.
I usually felt really tired and upset from training, I ended up arguing with her
She raised her voice and we would yell at each other over the phone
Our relationship was very rocky and I was the only one to be blamed.
But I would have to admit, it was those difficult times that had brought us a lot closer than I would imagine
Even those days I knew that she would stick by me through thick or thin
She would be there for any competition that I would go for to give me moral support.
She would be at the airport everytime I go away for a competition
She made me beautiful leotards that she spent days or months sewing
Sometimes, I felt so pressured to do well, to please her but I realise it was more for myself
She was there to make me realise that I am not alone in that race
Now, I am far away from her
Still in a race, but this time, I am all on my own,
I miss her so dearly, I call her every weekend
She still nags me like before ; wash your clothes, do not be dirty, must clean up your room, be good, study hard, must be lady-like and whole loads of things.
I am sorry I did not tell u the sad or bad things that happen in my life
Just because I know you will get a lot more worried about it than you should
And most of the time, you cannot do much about it but still it would not stop you from staying awake whole night
I am sorry I hid my back injury from you for years,
I am sorry that I always pretend that I am fine even when the fact is I am sick or in absolute agony
I hope you understand that I am not a liar and that you have not failed your responsibility
It is merely because you are most precious to me
And to see you in pain is far greater than what I originally had to endure
But be sure of one thing, I share with you every single happy moment I have in my life
I love you so much, mum...
I know you already know that, just want to strengthen it further..