Monday, 23 July 2007

The Return of Teddy!!!!

Teddy is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!



I spent the whole morning printing out posters of a missing dog
I spoke to some of my friends and one of them asked for more details to help send out emails to his friends. In hope that by spreading the words and his picture, Teddy will be returned to us by some kind soul who found him. Thanks L
I was looking through Teddy's pictures while feeling really depressed
I did not eat anything this morning merely because I lost my appetite or rather, I felt quite unwell ( might be because of the frantic search for Teddy in the rain last night )
Just as I was printing, brother sent me a message asking me to print out flyers and those who find him will be rewarded (What coincidence!!! I was just doing that as I got the message)
I also talked to sister through MSN, and she was extremely upset too
I was not the only one crying last night... I heard my sister *sob* *sob* through the night too...
Everyone was extremely upset while mum and dad remain their calmness and even managed to crack a joke that none of us could appreciate... not at that moment...

Joke 1: Teddy might have been caught by some people who enjoy eating dogs. He might be in a curry dish now, being ready to be served...Teddy is so fat, they must be able to prepare a scrumptious dish...
Ummmmmmm.... Sister and I just exchanged glances

Anyway, it was at about 2.00pm
Mum and I were lying on the couch, watching TV
We almost gave up hope because it had almost been 22 hours and Teddy was still no where to be seen
Just as we were deep in our thoughts, we heard barking sounds.
That stirred all of us from our comfortable lazy chair... that includes Brownie (who was lying on the floor right next to us)
*Wharf* *Wharf*
All three of us rushed downstairs and I opened the wooden door
There he was, a familiar looking dog jumped right into my arms
I was soooooooo happy...
I think that is an understatement... I was just... speechless...
He looked so dirty...but still our Teddy...
He hopped and run around mum and I
We were all soooo happy... all except for Brownie.. I think he dislike the attention Teddy was having

Anyway, mum called father...
Father : He's back!!! Oh no!! He must be really hungry!!! Give him some food ( Dad is the one who's in charge of Teddy's daily food supply)

I called sister
Sister: He's back??!! I want to see him!! Come to my working place and fetch me home to see him....
And that was what we did... just so, she could have a look at our baby boy...

Sister called brother
Ummm... I don't know what he said.. lolz... surely he was excited as well

So, that was the dramatic return of our TEDDY!!!!!!!! Love him sooo much... He was so tired and hungry... lolz.. We all wonder where he went... Here are the two most possible postulations...

1. Somebody nice saw him in the rain, and being the nice soul that he/she is, he/she decided to take him in and release him the next day when the weather is a lot better

2. Somebody nasty wanted puppies... and seeing beautiful Teddy wondering around aimlessly, he/she decided to catch him and force him to mate with their dog or dogs... We even have our suspects in mind.... Poor Teddy... No wonder he was so tired

Anyway, as long as he is back safely, nothing matters anymore

Thanks ppl!!! For the prayers and also the attempts to make me feel better!!
Really appreciate it... lolz

Teddy, where are you??

I am feeling very depressed......

Teddy went missing yesterday at 4.30pm
My brother, sister and her fiance, and I searched everywhere but he was no where to be found
I called the SPCA/DBKL this morning, eventhough I know my chances are slim (since it was Sunday yesterday)... He wasn't there

Teddy where are you??

This is a picture of Teddy
He is a part our family for 8 years now. If anyone happens to see him, please let me know...
He lost his tag few days ago while he was out for a walk.
He usually comes home after a while and doesn't go far from our house compartment
However, this time around, it was raining... he might have wondered around too far and now, he doesn't know how to come home or he might be locked somewhere by someone....
He must be really cold and scared out in the dark, in a place unfamiliar to him....
I really hope he is alright....

Now, I have only Brownie to pat when I wake up.
I have nobody to greet me when I come home.....

Teddy........ I miss you sooo much......
Sob... Sob...

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Get Well Soon....

We may not be the closest as I am not around for most gatherings
My memory of you is the boy who had eczema
I can remember how you itched and how your skin dried
That still did not stop you from feeling itchy and agitated
Seeing you this way makes all our hearts ache

You were sick many times
You fought bravely and won each battle
For most battles I was not around and failed to see how strong you were
However, I heard lots about it
And I am nothing but proud of you

You have always been a strong boy
You never complained about anything that happened to you
You are so young yet full of spirit
I remember you were singing during the Christmas dinner with so much enthusiasm

Now, you are sick once again
Seeing you so ill is painful
Please gather all your strength and fight this

Tears were collecting in my eyes but I refused to let it roll down my cheeks
I shall not cry, not here, not now
I will cry for happiness later
When you are better
When you once again win the battle

Here, I wish you the best
Your parents must have been tired
Yet when I see them, they remain as calm as ever
They too, believe you can do it
You can be absolutely well again

So now, I will pray for you.
My family will pray for you
You also have your friends and neighbours who care about you

We all love you dearly
So take care now
Hopefully the next time I see you, you will be much better..

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Home Sweet Home

I Passed!!!!!!

Aiyo... Damn scary ler...
Thanks for all the prayers, sms and emails..
I passed!!! lolzz....

Waiting for the results was pure torture.
They emailed us on Monday with the title Exams Results
When I open the mail, it was to tell us that it will be postponed for a day.
One day seemed like forever. I waited with so much anxiety
Anyway, that's the past....
I am just glad now....
Sorry people!!! I did not contact anyone because I was not sure how long I will be here for
Now I'm sure... It will be 3 months!!!
3 whole months!!! How cool is that??
So don't scold me k?? I was just afraid??

Anyway, just 5 days, and I have eaten more than what I had for the last one month
I ate Setapak's lala... Which was extremely good... as usual.. though, the price had gone up.. So I no longer know if it is worth it... Sigh

Oh, oh, oh... biggest update people!!! Setapak is no longer a PADDY FIELD or KAMPUNG k???
Got STEVENS CORNER!!! Got a lot of other happening stuff k?? My goodness.. It has changed so much... It is almost unbelievable...They "chop chop" so many trees and now the place looks so clear. Unlike before, it was quite dark and dodgy... lolz

On another note, Teddy is still as cute as ever.. Love him soooooooooooo much...
Brownie..... still as ugly as ever.. but still cute in his own way... and I still love him...

Crazy sis is still as crazy as ever... Who in the world would wake up and shout "RISE AND SHINE!!" Well, that's my sister...

Anyway, it's great to be at home.. all the love.. the love that can only be provided by your family.. lolzz....

My next plan: EAT and SLEEP!!!