Thursday, 28 June 2007

Exams over...

Exams over...

I am packing
There is just so much to do
This coming Saturday, I will no longer be a member of the Fatflat..
I have been staying here for more than a year now
I am definitely going to miss it.. miss them...
Them who??? lol

Shalini - the girl I always disturb. I bug her with all my problems and she will always be there for me. We share many things; especially on our thoughts about guys. lol... She will knock on my room when I am grumpy to give me chocs.. So sweet.. like a big sister to me..Always there to give me TLC (tender, loving care)... She even dreams about me all the time.. How cool can that be?? I think she must have had too much of me!! lolz.. Therefore, not surprisingly, she warned me today. She told me that she would not like to hear from me in Malaysia, she needs to be away from me for these 3 months.. lol.. How is that possible??? I will definitely kacau u ler.. no peace, girl.. that's what happens when you know me.. I am a PARASITE!!! Thank you so much for all you've done... You've been a great housemate...

Adeline - She is my other crazy housemate. She was the one who encouraged me to start blogging and gave me tips on how to blog. She always has one problem, and we've been all trying to solve it for her for this whole year but still in vain.. Don't worry Adeline, I am sure it will be solved next year!!! Oh, another thing... I remember Adeline and her poor cooking skills when she first came.. lolzz... but now, my goodness!!! I think she is better than any of us in the Fatflat.. Good job, good job!!! Definitely a wife material...lolzzz...

Herbert - He is the comp whiz in the whole of Spring Garden. He helped me with my laptop several times and will always be able to sort my comp problems. Amazing!! He is also the one who keeps check on our bills... very very efficient..

Samuel Chacko George - This guy.. lol... His hair... Aiyo... Other than that, he's been an amazing housemate. He pulled me through tough times. He was there when I was upset and he was also there, to make me upset. He is basically everywhere. He may be annoying at times, but I do not think I should blame him.. That is just him.. He has his special abilities to get my blood pressure raised to 140/90 mmHg.. lolz... Despite all that, he had been the closest friend to me... Someone I feel so comfortable with, someone I can talk to and share most things.. lolz
Thank you so much for showing so much care and helping me through so many things..

I will miss the Fatflat!!! You people have been great.. :p.. Don't worry, although I won't be staying here anymore, I will still come back to haunt all of u.. lolz... Adeline offered me to stay in her room on a sleeping bag and Shal offered me to sleep on the same bed as her... I shall document this here... So now, you can't say I remembered wrongly... It is in black and white!!!

Sniff.. sniff...I will miss all of you dearly. I will TRY to remember the movies we watched together in the Fatflat Kitchen!!! You should know me better by now how short term my memory is.. Those quality times, though not often, would always be with me. Laughter and tears.. hmmm I think I was the only shedding tears most of the time... Wait a minute... I remember now.. lolz.. We all did... Tee hee hee.. I remember...

I stumbled across many things
Things that were given to me, I always kept safely
That is how I was since young.
I never like to throw things away because everything seems to carry a meaningful thought
Looking through each one of them is like reminiscing what had happened the last one year
I guess I have to keep these things to trigger my mind as to what had happened
I tend to remember the bad and fail to remember the good times
It is not like I do it on purpose, it just seems like I have selective memory
Though just a year in my life
So much had happened; the ups and the downs..
Most of it is related to my social life I would say.
I have learnt so much this year and hopefully I will be smarter next year.. lolz
Always strive to be wiser... Though I am always far from it

People come in and out of my life
I appreciate the encounter and mourn that sometimes friendship is lost in the midst of a chase for something that in the end, does not work out
It is funny how close you can be with someone and the next day, everything is gone
Many times it is only me to blame
I am the reason for the break of our friendship
I have always been the source of unhapinness
And I am very very sorry about that
I hope one day, maybe one day... we will be good friends once again...

And to XZ: Thank you for looking out for me this whole year. I am more than grateful to have such a good friend. You had been there all the time. Thank you so much. I hope we would always remain as good friends..:P

Saturday, 23 June 2007


Shalini knocked on my door 2 minutes ago
She stood there with one packet of curry flavoured Maggi Mee
She looked at me and smiled...and she gave me the Maggi Mee

Sorry ppl... Small things like that are worth being happy for..
It IS exam period..
Do pardon me... lol

Thursday, 21 June 2007


It was a good call to go out yesterday
I felt horrible before the outing
3 out of 4 papers I failed to do well, or rather, enough for me to feel secure
I had great fun last night with some great people and feel a lot better now

I was rather shocked when I first got into the house
However, I picked up the signs quickly
They are together now!!!
See, I was swamped with guilt for so long
Hoping that he was alright all the time but never had the courage to ask
I did not know if it is right for me to even ask because he might not want to hear from me at all
And I do not blame him for that
But now....
He is happy... happy with someone that loves him so much
And I am absolutely glad
Very, very happy for them
The guilt is still there, and has not gone, but to see him happy is a great gift!
A gift that is more than what I can ask for

I am so happy now

I am geared to do well for my OSCE.
I have to pass all the stations...
It is not going to be easy, but I am more focused now, and hopefully I will do well

Thank you so much for those who prayed for me
All the texts and time spent talking to me through things.

I am alright now
I will work hard for OSCE.. So you don't need to worry about me..

Friday, 15 June 2007


This is one of the most important exams in my medical life..
I just need to pass this..
Yet it seems almost impossible..
I thought about the marks I got last year... It was extremely disappointing...
Never in my life I got that sort of marks..
It was at the other extreme end of a normal distribution graph...
I could only blame myself for not studying enough...

This time around, I studied...
I studied as much as I possibly can.
Probably not as much as the others, but I definitely put in effort..
I just want to pass...
I NEED to pass....

That's all I need...
That is all I hope for..
Last two days, yi wei....