Sunday, 15 November 2009

Wedding Season

I thought it would be good to summarise a book that I just read. So here it goes...

The title: Wedding Season

Sarah, a very focused and successful wedding planner who ironically does not believe in the existence of love. Even if she has the slightest faith that it does exist, she knows well enough that she is not one of the very few lucky people who is blessed with it. Sarah met 2 lovely ladies, Bron (the hairdresser) and Elsa (the dressmaker) at one of her many succesful wedding events. They bonded quickly and started to become a team in organising a double wedding for an A-list Hollywood starlet and Sarah's very own sister, Lily. In the process, Sarah found herself unexpectedly fallen for Hugo, who is not just a very good friend but an irresistible charming photographer who she had worked with for many years. Sarah battles between professionalism and her strong feelings towards Hugo, who she later discovered is engaged to a beautiful exotic girl named Electra. This is a beautiful story about a journey of three lovely ladies and their individual relationships as they worked together trying to organise the two perfect weddings.

My opinion about the book:

The reason I read this book is because I thought the synopsis was quite "catchy". Mainly because I find Sarah and I have some things in common - or at least our opinion about love is similar. She, however, found her true love in the end (as all love stories go). No comments on that. I am in the REAL world!

Having said that, I find the book rather lenghty and descriptive, giving too much information on rather uninteresting things (at least to me); i.e on the decorations that they used for the wedding or the finest details of the furnitures in the house

Anyway, I enjoyed the ending. Happy and lame. As I like it. Makes me believe that love exist for a moment.

Yes, just for a moment...

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murkie said...

It does exist my dear. I'll show u... hahahahahah :P