Saturday, 8 December 2007


Dear all,

Sorry for not updating.
There have been a lot of things happening since my return to the Aberdeen city
There were good things and bad things
However, I am proud to say that even the bad had its silver lining
So, what's new?
I am currently doing my paramedical block, in which I do things that are somewhat unrelated to medicine. So, I was given a 7 week course of TWO Philosophy classes.... one is Philosophy for Medical Students and another is the History and Science of philosophy... This is absolutely new to me and I realise that I am absolutely ShiTE in philosophy. Lolz...At first, I worked hard to do well, but I soon found out that I just don't have the talent for it. It is not that I had totally given up. It's just that I finally let myself strive less for good results. Give myself a break.. Something I should have done long ago!!! I just can't wait for the next week because that would be the end of this block. And I will be back in MEDICINE. Lolz..


I am now taking up 3 jobs. It is amazing. I am summarising notes for a general practice clinic, a carer and also a job that involves door-door canvassing. Being a carer has opened my eyes to how lucky I am. To be able to spend 23 years of my life being healthy and have the ability to make informed choices... I feel content. My heart goes out to those I cared for during my 10 hour midnight shifts. I was extremely tired and Yi Wei without sleep at night is a MIRACLE! Yi Wei sweeping and moping the floor and doing laundry is MIRACLE MIRACLE!!! That is because Yi Wei sleeps all the time!! Standing, in classes and even in clinics... Regardless of how tired I was, I believe that I took this job for a reason. At first was the lack of financial support. I wanted to help my parents who are now supporting me with the huge fees so I decided to work since I am relatively free now. However, this working experience gave me more than just money. I now realise how true it is that money cannot buy everything. Some of these special people do not have the ability to choose what they want to do or where they want to go.. Some cannot dress themselves properly, some cannot close their mouth and some cannot stop having tremors. It just makes us think about how lucky we are. Having 23 years of life surrounded by my family members who were always so supportive and many wonderful friends... Sob sob... Anyway, I chose this job with the sole intention of earning money and possibly to help me in the future with a better CV... I got more than what I asked for. A contented Yi Wei

I also got offered an academic post in Aberdeen. So that is me settled. I can't wait to work and I am so glad I got this post. I took almost two years to feel really comfortable here and I am definitely not ready to go somewhere new and start all over again. I got the offer the very same day after my interview. I was elated!! Not trying to "aksyen" here ler.. It just means so much to me. I had my share of disappointments. Not getting offered the universities I chose in UCAS, or even getting a provisional offer from my favourite medical school but yet did not have enough money to go there... So this means a lot to me...People tend to appreciate something better when they had once lost it...

What else? I have been partying every now and then. I am very very happy with my life right now. Working hard during the weekdays and party hard during the weekends. lolz... I took this whole week off, just to have more fun!!! So, this week there are parties to go for everyday except for Wednesday.. Will probably meet up with a dear friend of mine then since she is only free then... So this whole week is packed!! Oh, I think I will try to work this weekend.. And I'm going BRUSSELS next week!!! Hooray!!! Life is GREAT!!!

Oh, and I had a great Christmas house party last week. It was amazing, having a large turkey and so much food and WINE!!! Everyone was just sitting around 3 long tables and just chatting away..even with people that they did not know... lolz... It felt so warm and cosy, similar to the feeling you get at family gatherings...with people of all ages and from different professions just gathered under one roof to celebrate the occasion. We played a SPANKING game too... lolz.. Just spank someone's butt, and that person is suppose to guess..Was a lot of fun.. Appreciated every minute of it

That's all for now.. Will update more soon!!

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Tony said...

thanks for coming the other day... wow you life sounds so exciting :)